The Trends

We’ve spied with our little eyes things high and low from festivals

around the world. Some of these are still hot. Some not.

But all of them are definitely useful.

Rain boots

Rain boots are mandatory at a festival. The past few years, the festivals have seen one brand rise above the others, Hunter! There’s not a chance anyone who has been at a festival could have missed a pair of these.


Flash tattoos

Tattoos get more popular with every passing day, but for those who cannot make up their mind or don’t want to brand themselves for life, flash tattoos is the answer. With them, you can choose precisely how many you want and vary them according to your mood.


Dr. Martens

The big boots that weigh a quarter of all the package but still is an obvious choice for many people. The major advantage is that they’re waterproof and will help you survive even the biggest mud pools.


Attention seekers

People who want to show off and appear in the newspaper the day after. There’s always a few of them at every festival, even though their style and costumes may vary. If your goal is to end up in the news, then these are the people you should hang around with.



An ombre can be defined as a hairstyle with a dark scalp that turns into lighter highlights. If you are eager to try, have a professional hair dresser do it for you. Do NOT try to experiment with hair dye and colour inside your festival tent. It will most likely end up in a disaster!


Flower wreaths

If you start suspecting that midsummer snuck up on you unwittingly, it’s completely understandable. But keep calm, you haven’t missed either the Swedish Sill or Små Grodorna. It’s basically just a trend that’s been going on for the past few festival seasons.


Rain poncho

Looking good or keeping dry? Tough choice. Ideally, strive for both and choose a rain coat or poncho in a delightful colour. But in case you have to choose either, our bet is ALWAYS on the rain poncho.



Is it an UN ­meeting or possibly a demonstration? No, it just means you’ve entered the festival area! Make your own flag in a creative way to show everyone who you are and what you stand for. Strive for a sharp, smart and great looking one – and you’ll be king or queen for a day!


Cell phone bag around the neck

A trend that divides the opinions of the fashionistas. Either you love it or hate it. Some people wouldn’t wear it even if they got paid. But regardless of people’s opinion, it’s a clever accessory if you want to keep control of your stuff. Especially for those who tend to lose things all the time. And you do NOT want to lose anything at a festival.


Free stuff from sponsors

Free stuff is always a success. People don’t care where or what company the stuff comes from – or if there’s a specific logo on it, as long as they get to jump around with funny things in their hans. Everything from big pointy fingers and hands, to caps, bracelets or t-­shirts.