The Style

10 types of individuals and stereotypes you will definitely

meet at every festival, in every nook and cranny of the world.

1. The Hipster

Usually wears a plaid shirt and glasses, and sports a big obligatory beard. They always have their backpack on and a pattern cardigan close by. Their hairstyle may vary, but is usually difficult to spot because the hipster wears a cap all year round.


2. The Hippie

Prefers bohemian clothes and sports wavy curls with a hair band and sunglasses. Details of feathers, flowers and peace symbols abound.


3. The Crazy One

We all know them. The ones who don’t want to run the risk of not being noticed – and therefore have chosen an outfit that’s pretty impossible to miss. They can be seen wearing anything from bunny costumes to creepy face masks or glowing swords. Anything goes in their world.


4. Daddy pays

These guys dress up in expensive designer shirts combined with colorful shorts. Their hair is either backcombed or in a bun. It goes without saying that daddy’s picking up the bill.


5. The Emo

An emo is easy to recognize owing to their dark clothes in various shades of black. They use tons of vax to make crazy hairstyles in various colors, ranging from green to purple. Their eyes are covered with thick eyeliner and of course a lot of piercings.


6. The Heavy Metal Guy

Long, lank hair. Arms covered in tattoos. And their favorite band printed on their t­shirt. They absolutely love to be as close to the stage as possible, showing off their air guitar moves with a loud roaring. Rivets on both their leather jackets and belts, in case someone would doubt they’re badass.


7. The Hip Hopper

Slowly walk around the area in baggy jeans and oversized t­shirts, with their cap backwards and a Rolex on their left arm, their dreadlocks flying back and forth. The ultimate hairstyle to induce fascination among all the other festival visitors.


8. The Old One

The person that everybody immediately gets is a couple of years older than everyone else – but who keeps on dancing like the 80s never ended.


9. The Uncomfortable Beginner

The guy in jeans and a grey t­shirt who cautiously tries to shake his hips to the music. It’s obvious how uncomfortable he feels in the big crowd and everyone understands that if it weren’t for his friends forcing him to go, he wouldn’t be here.


10. The Fashionista

The girl who has been planning her outfit for months and bought all the right clothes from the fashion magazines. Her hair is styled in a well­made herringbone braid and she’s always using her smart phone to document every move. The most important quote in life is; if it’s not on Instagram, it never happened!