The Boosters

Want to take your festival experience to the next level?

These heavy duty tips that will make your friends gawk

in awe at their festival sage friend.

1. Blowing bubbles

It’s fun, it attracts attention and it will make people run around like crazy dogs to catch them. Besides, bubbles look great in photos, which is perfect if you want to show off some great festival pictures.


2. Bring a folding chair

If you’d like to avoid mud and sit comfortably during your festival stay, this is an absolute must! For highest comfort, make sure there is a cup holder for your freshly opened beer. It will make you the king/queen of the camping!


3. Bottle opener

Maybe not the first thing you pack, but SO important for a successful festival experience! Imagine sitting down after three hours of backbreaking tent raising – and there is no opener for the cold bottle your are holding in your hand? Disaster!


4. A miniature fan

Perfect for the sizzling hot festival days, when you need to cool down without standing in line for the festival area showers for hours. Also helpful if your tent needs a fresh breeze from the smell of sweat or old leftovers.


5. Speaker

A festival without music is like a football game without players. To be able to get in the right mood for the night’s upcoming party, a proper speaker or sound system is mandatory in every tent.


6. Glow sticks

Cheap and simple, but unbelievably fun to pick up late at night when it’s dark. Perfect for those who want to keep track of their friends – or just want to get some extra attention in the crowd!


7. Duct tape

A broken tent won’t fix itself. Bring duct tape and your problem is solved. In fact, EVERYTHING can be fixed with duct tape!


8. Ear plugs

When you get tired of your loud friends never ending renditions of Wonderwall, this is the only solution to get at least a few minutes of sleep. If your friends are really loud and energetic, you might want to kick it up a notch and bring a pair of proper earmuffs instead!


9. Binoculars

Nowadays there are all sorts of big screens at a concert, but if you really want to get a good look at the stars, you ought to invest in a pair of binoculars! Besides the artists, you’ll also be able to check out that hottie standing a bit further away.


10. A deck of cards

When you need to kill time before the next performance and/or want to keep your brain cells active, a round or two will definitely fit the bill.