Festival Guide


You know when your mother goes ”Don’t forget your greens!”.

She’s got a point, you know…

Wait! Bear with us. Check it out for yourself!


Helps you avoid nasty infections thanks to its antibacterial effects. But be careful for goodness’ sake! You don’t want gorge yourself with garlic – or it’ll most definitely ruin your chances later during the night.


Don’t let an inflammation or a cold hold you back. Who wants to make out with a runny nose? Eat it as it is – or chop down/peel a few slices of it into a glass of hot water. Amazeballs!


A sweetener with great benefits. Eases your sore, slimy throat and helps you sing along. If you prefer tea instead of coffee, pour it into your Darjeeling and enjoy. Stay healthy and carry on!


Not only does it add great flavour to your drinks, it’s rich in vitamin C and saves you from various ailments as well, not least a sore throat. Go on… have a bite – and let your brain take a leap of faith.

Cooking Salt

Wait! Stop!! We know it sounds odd – but trust us; it’s a saviour. Snort it up your nose, don’t hesitate! Wait for it. Ah, there you go, breathe again. See, this little fella has been a nasal spray alternative for ages.


Your body produces acetaldehyde, the source to your hangover headache, as it tries to get rid of the alcohol. Bananas aren’t just a great source of vitamins, they also eases nausea. Go bananas!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Sneak some of these in. They’ll help you restore the balance after a late night of drinking and keep your teeth white.


Filled with lycopene which helps your body repair itself. Bring some or search for it in the food stalls. A tomato helps you to down that first glass in the morning when your brain tells you not to.


Some scientists say that Asian pears have a magical, healing effects. But more important, they’re tasty and a great source of vitamins. If you still get magic powers, it’s probably because something else.