Festival Guide

The Food

No one expects haute cuisine at a festival.

But no one wants to eat scabby ready-made sandwiches for 3-4 days either.

Here’s a rundown of our classic festival favorites! Enjoy!

Fish Tacos

Be a part of the new wave of festival food and enjoy the various textures of this rockstar. The crunchy fried fish combined with a world of amazing sauces helps you find the proper festival spirit.


Meat, halloumi or corn. It’s great either way. This German pioneer is a great meal and contains all the necessary ingredients from the dietary circle. If nothing else, it’s a perfect common ground for meat lovers and vegans, allowing you to hang with both at the same time.


Early in the morning you’ll be aching for this bad boy. Brought to you in a variety of forms from various corners of the Middle East, this baby packs a complete dinner in a piece of bread. Don’t forget to ask for that extra squeeze of garlic sauce. You’re welcome.


A greeny beany friend that’s simply great and usually cheap. But watch out, hipster food trucks have a tendency to charge way too much money for a falafel. Best part? It makes you feel healthy for a while…

Kimchi Pancakes

Imagine the Korean national dish, fermented cabbage, and your typical pancake – that’s what a Kimchijeon is. Keep your eyes open for this wonderful dish. A Kimchijeon makes you last longer, no matter what.

Sweet Potato Fries

A great way to satisfy an empty stomach. Share them with your friends. Or even better, eat them all by yourself together with a big bowl of aioli. Let the person next to you get a taste of your wonderful breath as you enjoy the festival festivities.

Hot Dog

Classic quick meal that grows on you with every hour. If you want to try something new, we suggest a hot dog with béarnaise sauce. We know… Just try it before you say anything, ok?


A classic festival dish that’s been around since way before you were born. Want to know the secret? Every drunk person is longing for a fat dripping piece of bread. Don’t be surprised if you end up with shrimps on it as well.


Enjoy a bowl of your slimy favorites together with fried chicken, fish or tofu. It recharges your energy bank and tastes great both hot and cold. Keep it in your tent and share it with your new friend as a token of your hospitality. while enjoying each other or the sunrise.



There’s not much to say. Vegan cheese, ordinary cheese, with or without anything else – it’s the meaning of life. The more the merrier!