Festival Guide


Some say what you’re drinking is more important than what you’re eating.

They’re right. Especially when you’re at a festival.

Here’s a few pointers to help you stay in shape.


Is there a better way to enjoy music in the sun than this classic thirst quencher? Not only does it help you secure them daily carbs, but it also helps you cool down after all those epic rock star poses you’ve been striking. Don’t forget to grab a glass of water every now and then though, or you might fall asleep a tad too early.


It’s not just an ingredient. It also helps you last longer in the sun. And it’s much more fun than water. Treat your body to a taste of the sugary good life – we’re not at a training camp, goddammit! 


Sugar is great, ice is refreshing – together it’s nothing short of brilliant! This colourful and childish soda can make your day as you empty it over the person next to you. Just make sure you picked the right one; no fights on the dancefloor please!


Don’t let dehydration get the best of you. Drink at least a bottle of water every hour. The lack of showers at festivals is another reason to buy a bottle of water every now and then. Stay fresh! In all its senses.


Want to stay awake the whole day? A cuppa joe is your best friend. And if you’re afraid of caffeine you can always order a decaf, a chai or something else. Just make sure to hang out with your new friends no matter way.

Energy Drinks

Every now and then you will need a little pick-me-up. If coffee’s not your thing, you might want to try to down an energy drink instead. It’s a great mood booster! We suggest you skip the alcohol, though. You do not want to go bananas at the wrong place in the wrong time…


Grab the holy water and praise the festival. There’s one for every situation thanks to its variety of flavours and combinations. And where there’s drinks there’s often a hot bartender as well.

Effervescent Tablets

Possibly one of the most boring things to bring to a festival, but it’s true life saver when it comes to helping you get through an exhausting festival. Remember: one glass before you go to sleep and one when you wake up. You’ll thanks us later.


Probably the best way to reboot and prepare for another night of dancing, loving and living it large. Pour it in your drink or enjoy it as it is. For a champ like you, vitamins are vital!